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( Warning: Story contains gas/very little defecating humor. If you don't like it, don't read it. )

It had been a very long day, and Sakura Haruno was just on her way home from Konoha High School. Naruto had invited her to go to the ramen shop with him, but today she refused. She didn't feel well at all, because of her upset stomach.
"Maybe it was the food I had at lunch..." she thought to herself. Maybe that sushi and milk wasn't the best combination. She held her belly, and quickened her pace as she felt her stomach grumble.
She ran home as fast as she could once she thought the wrong combination of food wanted to escape her body. She ran into the house and ran quickly upstairs without bothering to remove her shoes. She threw her books onto her bed while dashing passed her bedroom. She rushed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her, and quickly situated herself onto the toilet. Still holding her stomach, she relaxed a bit, letting out a long fart that echoed from inside the toilet, along with a load of what he ate from before. She grunted, as she uncontrollably let out more, along with a bunch of wet farts that she also could not control.
"Crap...diarrhea..." she thought miserably to herself.

She stayed in the bathroom for almost a half an hour. And by the next day, her diarrhea had stopped. But there was one thing that hadn't.
Sakura was on her way back to school, letting out a few farts every now and then. She sighed as she tightened her hold on her books.
"Ugh...I'm so gassy today..." she murmered, letting out another fart. Then she sighed again when she saw who was running toward her, wanting to walk her to school.
"Hey, Sakura-chan!!" Naruto called out excitedly as he ran up to her.
She slightly put her head down. "Hey Naruto..."
"...What's the matter?" he asked.
"Nothing...I just don't feel all that well..."
"What is it? Is it your stomach? Is it a cold?"
Sakura quickly became annoyed, but tried not to take her uncomfortable feelings out on Naruto.
"It's only my stomach. I guess I ate the wrong combination of food during lunch yesterday, so just to be on the safe side, I brought my own lunch today."
He nodded. "Oh." he had the urge to ask what she brought, but he left it alone as he could see he was beginning to annoy her.

Sakura and Naruto finally made it to school and went inside their classroom. Sakura's stomach grumbled, and she grabbed it. There were times where she could and couldn't control her farts, and this time she hoping she could control it. So she decided to hold it until they had to switch classes. An hour went by and as soon as she had that opportunity, she was the first one to hurry out of her class.
"Thank goodness..." she whispered to herself, as she got out into the hall. She sighed, letting out a few puffs of gas.
She was glad she was able to finally do this, but was ready to freak when she saw Ino Yamanaka coming her way.
"What's up forehead?" Ino asked, standing in front of her.
"Hey Ino..." Sakura murmered, and held her stomach.
The blonde haired girl stood closer to the pink haired girl. "What's with you? You don't seem like yourself."
The other shook her head. A few minutes of silence went by between them, until Sakura grunted and let out a long fart that was loud enough for atleast Ino to hear. Afterward, she sighed of relief.
Ino twitched a little. "Sakura...! Ew!!"
"S-sorry Ino...I'm just so gassy today...I can't really seem to control it."
"Ugh! Well you could've controlled that one! You forced that out!"
She smirked. "Heh...maybe I did..."
The blonde haired girl twitched again and walked away in disgust.
Sakura sighed again and moved on to her next class. Without anyone knowing, she let out a few silent farts every now and then. For more pleasure, she'd even lean to the side to release more of the gas.

Just then, she remembered something. She remembered last week, she farted by accident and Naruto heard her. But he loves her so much, he said that even her farts are sexy. It was unbelievable, but it was true.
She glanced over at her crush, who was Sasuke Uchiha.
"If Naruto thinks my gas is sexy.....could Sasuke-kun think the same thing...? she thought to herself. Then without thinking, her eyes sparkled. "There's only one way to find out!!"

After the class was over, Sakura cluelessly followed Sasuke into the men's restroom. She was so excited to try out her plan, that she forgot she was going into a different bathroom for the opposite gender.
"Hi Sasuke-kun!" she said cheerfully. It was only them in the bathroom.
"Sakura...?" the boy replied, turning around to face her. He stared at her in both an annoyed and strange way; he knew she was crazy...but crazy enough to actually come into the men's restroom?
The pink haired girl smiled, and moved closer to him.
"What's she up to...?" he thought. He raised a brow when he noticed Sakura lifted her leg a little and started to grunt. He had no clue what this girl was doing. But before he could ask...
She blushed after letting out a loud fart. It even echoed through the bathroom.
Sasuke gasped as his eyes widened and he quickly backed away until he touched the wall and was unable to go any further.
Sakura curiously tilted her head, and started walking toward him. Sasuke started to sweat, seeing he couldn't really get away from her.
"This has to just has to...maybe it wasn't enough..." she thought to herself, as she felt her stomach grumble.
Just as Sasuke began to panic, the pink haired girl clasped her hands with his; and after a few moments of silence, a loud bubbly fart emitted from her, and she sighed of relief.
"I wonder if Sasuke's loving this..."
And without even thinking, the Uchiha groaned in disgust and quickly ran around Sakura and out of the bathroom. She was just left standing there with a clueless look on her face.
"I guess he doesn't like girls with gassy attitudes....." She frowned and sighed, letting out the rest of the gas that's been bouncing around in her stomach for the last hour.
Afterward, she left the bathroom.
Nice one, isn't it? :)

Sakura H./Sasuke U./Naruto U. (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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Yunglyricalhitman Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
I would have fallen in love with her right there on the spot
XSamuraiEdgeX Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shimatta!  Sasuke Gif smaller 
fartfanatic1 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
This was one of the best giantess stories ever. Can u make another unaware giantess story where everyone in her neighborhood is at a party (the party is at her house) and then everyone there mysteriously shrinks and are scattered all over the place (on the couch, bed, kitchen, bathroom, tooliet, etc...)

the unaware giantess starts to wonder why and where everyone left the party so soon. So she just thinks ahhh what ever takes off her dress only having her bra and panties left on her(make this story where is wants to relax and takes off all her clothes with only her bra and panties on her)and eats all the remaining Mexican food and has endless farting for the rest of the night.

Make a scene where (in her bra and panties) she goes to the couch to watch a movie and sits down wkth her nice big ass on a bunch of shruunken people. A few minutes later she feels some squirming on beneath her ass and gets up and look at the couch and see a bunch of ants (but they are actually humas , but she does not know that.) Still thinkin that they are ants, she says something like " oh so u ant are trying to ruin my night? This is why i hate ants, all they do is ruin the fun. Well i have a special place for u littke rascals." She lowers her panties, grabs the people and shoves them up her ass making sure they are right next to her ass hole, then pulls uo her panties and sits back down. Then she says something like "i hope you enjoy my ass, cause you little ants will be in there for a long long time, so make yourselves comfortable" and then a few minutes later, her stomach starts to grumble and she begins to groan and says something like "i guess i ate way to much of that Mexican food" and then lets out a massive 10 second long fart. Then say something like "whew! That one really stinks. Sucks for you ants down in my ass, must feel and sound like a jet engine to you. Well you better get used to it cause I'm not i will be farting the whole night" and then releases a long SBD and continues her movie.

And then at the end of the story, after hours pass, she forgets that the people are still up her ass, and goes in her bedroom, right before she goes to bed, and says something like "wow that Mexican food is really kicking in, i got to take a massive diarrhea dump." While still forgeting that the shrunken people are in her ass, she runs to the bathroom pulls down her panties and sits on the tooliet, and the farts and diarrhea begin to explode from her ass. Everyone that was in her ass ends up in the tooliet bowl filled with black and brown sludge. She continues to fart and release liquid shit from her ass for the next 30 minutes. When she is finished. She wipes her ass stands up pulls up her panties and turns around. Right before she flushes the tooliet, she see the little ants squirming around in her
Shit sludge remembers that she had them all up her ass and says something like "wow i completely forgot that you were all in my ass. I cant believe i forgot that you all were in there haha haha, i must have put you guys through hours worth of torment." As she continues to laugh, she sees them swimming away and trying to get out of the liquid shit filled tooliet bowl, and says something like "oh where do you think you're going. Your life of
torture is not over yet." She grabs a pair of gloves that were just laying on the bathroom sink counter places then on her hands and begins to grab all the ant out of the sludge and places them in a jar. Once she is abke to retrieve all the ants from the tooliet bowl, she dips her hand inside the tooliet bowl and grabs a handful of liquid shit and places it in a separate jar then say something like " you thought you could get away from me? Your life of torture is just starting. This is what you get for trying to ruin my pleasure. Who knows, maybe ill make you guy my forever ass prisoners. You can spend the rest of you worthless lives inside my ass, sniffing my farts and getting shitted on for the rest of your lives." She then takes the jar filled with the ants and the jar filled wkth liquid shit and walks over to her
Bed. She lies down on her bed, pulls her panties down, takes the jar filled with the ants, speads her ass cheeks far apart, and dumps them into her ass and they all fall right on her ass hole. She then takes the jar with liquid shit and dumps it into her ass and it lands all over the littke ants. She then slaps her cheeks shut then jiggles her ass around to make sure the ants and the shit mix together well. Then she looks at the time and sees it is 1:00 am and says something like " well i guess i tortured you ants enough today, so i am going to go to bed and you littke ants get to spend the night in my liquid shit filled ass." After that
She turns off the light and get into a comfortable position in her bed and makes sure to really squish the ants in her ass. BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! " oh, hehehehe i forgot to mention that i still got a bunch of that mexican in my system so i will be farting all night. I hope you enjoy the smell.good night my little ass prisoners.

mikeholden88 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Student Writer
That is an awesome story you wrote!!! XD I loved it!! Gassy girls are so cute and sexy, lol. :D
GasFictionist Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014
Thanks and true that XD
mikeholden88 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Student Writer
You are welcome, man. :) Woohoo!!!
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Really good story so fun the farting girls are so sexy
GasFictionist Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
Thank you and that's true! :D
seriousharry Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
sakunaru, hell no
CottenMill Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
This was funny, when you added Sasuke to it the story x3
GasFictionist Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
Thanks. XD
CottenMill Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
No prob!
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you can make a story with temarie?
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I'll think about it. ;)
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